The Good Shepherd

February 3 2021

Book: Galatians, John

John 10

What s the connection between Chapter 9 and the blind man being healed?

The same day just a new chapter.
Excommunicated- cast out, de-synagogue – put out of Judaism.

Shepherding 2000 years ago, sheep pins
1. Village
2. Countryside

The village would be communal and have several flocks with a porter. Tall fenced area with a

passing under the rod – inspection
Shepherd would go home and leave; the porter/watchman would keep the sheep.
The next morning the shepherd would come, and the porter would let him in to call for the sheep.

Commentators: some say its an illustration of Heaven or Salvation

It looks more like a type of Judaism because of chapter 9

John 10:1-3

Jesus was teaching from Solomon’s porch, and he exits the temple and most likely leaves out
of the “Sheep Gate.”

We were at the pool of Siloam Sunday, and now we are moving out of the temple
30 years ago, they still used this gate to sell sheep. Acres of sheep were there and I think
Jesus used this in the John 10 lesson

Sheep Pin in the Village
– how would you know who’s sheep was in the pin
Say I have one and a few others…the only way you could get yours and I could get mine is one
way….no branding, no name tags…only the voice of the shepherd was the way to get yours

We all have a distinct vocal pattern – like me calling Lady vs. Goodwins.

Illustration: Wright’s have – one pig, one goat, Chickens “hens and roosters,” one black cat, 2
dogs one shih-tzu and one shepherd lab mix puppy.

Sheep know the master’s voice / shepherd

ILLUSTRATION: stealing sheep…The judge calls the final witness who was the sheep
We don’t get all the sheep analogies in the Bible. It would be better with dogs and cats
Sheep are dumb, and people don’t like being called sheep. But when I hear it, I think of psalms
23 The Lord is my shepherd, and I shall not want! David is bragging
I am a sheep, and I have it good because I have a good shepherd.

Have you seen pet abuse?

Good pet owners – dress up their dogs i.e.: sweaters, grooming, a/c dog house
you may think that is overboard, but which would you choose if you were a dog.

John 10:4 -5
A good shepherd comes through the door. He does not have to sneak around through another

Jesus came in the front door to Judaism. He had 330 predictions of His coming by the
prophets. Right through the front door.

“But when the fulness of the time came, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made
under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of

Galatians 4:4-5 KJV
:4 follow the shepherd
Here in the west, we drive our sheep around even with sheep dogs but in the Middle East they
lead them….David said “he leads me be side the still water”
john 10:6
Sheep need to be led. We need His guidance.

Sheep without a shepherd are either
1. Lost
2. Dead

Illustration: when sheep are affraid they all put their heads together
John 10:7-9 the country side pin
the first shepherd was the village pin
it had walls or fences, gates, locks and was secure
The second is the countryside
This is where Jesus changes his theme, the country side was just rocks, bushes, sticks,
bramble…a very temporary structure. A place to pin them up for the night.
No door, no gate
the shepherd would lie down at night in that spot. It was mainly to keep the sheep in
but it could also be used to keep the predators out.

“Over my dead body”

The Shepherd Provides
1. Protection
2. Proximity
3. Safety

John 10:9 how many doors to get to the sheep. Just one “I am the door”
The key to being a happy sheep is to be close to the shepherd
John 10:10 to the max, to the hilt, to the brim, abundantly

Satan hates you and wants to kill, steal, and destroy – say no!

This is your choice …temporary joy for everlasting pain or i prefer temporary loss vs eternal joy
Have you ever heard some one on their death bed say “ I wish i wold have sinned more”
People think that our life is a an abundant bummer but its not! We are the ones having all the
fun not the world.

They are eating microwave TV dinners and we are having steak and lobster, they just dont

ABUNDANCE – gushing with living water
John 10:11 for times he says He lays down His life
Risky being a shepherd 1000 of sheep de a year because of attracts
John 10:12-18
Hanukkah- Festival of Lights
From Tabernacles to Hanukkah winter

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