Stop Stressing Out

February 17 2021

Book: John

Bible Passage: John 14: 1-10

John 14

Stop stressing out

Jesus would never ask you to do something that’s not possible.

Three ways to avoid stressing out:
1. Because of who you know
2. Because of where you’ll go
3. Because of what He’ll show

John 14:1
1. Because of who you know
They know God by faith
Old Testament worthies
Old Testament legends and stories
Jesus has been with them for 3.5 years, and they know him
Miracles he did in their presence

John 14:2
2. Because of where they’ll go
How many know that the Bible talks about heaven?
532 times heaven is mentioned in the Bible
Mansions vs. Hollywood
We understand that this house is a new body, but when Jesus made this statement, their minds
went to tents.
New Heaven and New Earth
12,000 furlongs
1500 miles cubed
2,250,000 square miles
15,000 times the size of London England
Almost the size of the moon but square
“Coming down out of heaven.”

Henry Morris
1. 20 Billion inhabitants vs. currently 8 billion
2. 107 Billion have lived – 15 dead people to 1 living
A. Only 25 percent would be used for residential.
B. Each of the 20 Billion getting 75 acres each
C. The other 75% for public works
NC has 34 million acres – half a million people could live in NC at 75 per acre, about 75 football
This church is only on 4 acres.
My road 8 homes on 10 acres, easily 25 people could live there.

John 14:3
3. Because of what He will show
A place for you!!! Made for me made for you.
When Lil Paul and I would mess up the kitchen, we would hurry to clean it up for Celeste
because she does not like a messy house.
We did it for her!
Thomas and Philip dealing with the unknown vs. the known.
we become happy in our current conditions
the mind has a way of adjusting

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