December 24 2023

Book: Luke



Luke 1:26-44
There are “yes” folks and there are “no” folks in the world;
there are folks that respond yes to every favor asked of them and there are those that respond

Both extremes are not healthyif we yes everything that comes along are way then we overcommit causing us to become
stress and failing to fulfill our commitments well.

The same goes if we constantly say no;
our no’s stress the folks that surround because we can never be counted on to do anything.
So are we going to be “yes” people or “no” people?
Well, this morning I am proposing that we avoid both extremes and balance our responses to
our human propositions.
That is, there needs to be a balance between what we want to commit to and what we want to
Henry Cloud and John Townsend in their book Boundaries (2008) talk about how we need to
set as well as obey the boundaries in our lives when determining what we say yes or no to.
There are, to name a few, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual boundaries that will govern
what we can accept or reject.

Cloud and Townsend, both stress that fact that we often violate the boundaries that are present
in our lives and as result we say yes when we needed to say no and visa versa.
In other words, we decide to say yes and commit to leasing a car when our financial
boundaries are clearly telling us, “There is no room for a car in your budget.”
Consequently, we violate our boundaries and we find ourselves in more debt.
Again we need to analyze are boundaries and allow them be our guide.
Ok, so we become balanced people;
our yes’s will be yes’s and our no’s will be no’s however what should our response be when
proposition is not human but divine.
In other words, what should our response be when its God with a proposition in our lives.
I would like to explore what scriptures teaches, and this morning I have two individuals that
their Yes’s changed the world.
Ok, so do you want to start with my male or my female example?

Biblical background
Ladies go first, so lets open our Bibles to Luke 1:38.
We see in this passage the visitation of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.
Mary is told that she will give birth to the messiah and her response is yes Lord,
““Truly I am the Lord’s servant. Let everything you have said happen to me.” (ISV).
Mary responds with a surrendering yes; a yes that meant that she would accept God’s plan for
her wholeheartedly- a surrendering heart.
Has God invited you to partake in a divine project?
If so, what has been your response?
Men, you are next and I didn’t have to go too far to address you guys… its Joseph the

Matthew tells us that Joseph was contemplating in leaving and divorcing Mary secretly to
prevent public disgrace;
however, an angel (maybe Gabriel) appears to Joseph to confirm that Mary’s pregnancy was
divinely induced.

We read in Matthew 1:24 that after the dream. “… he did as the angel of the Lord had
commanded him and took Mary as his wife ” (ISV).

Joseph like Mary also said yes to God; at first he hesitated, a common action among us men,
however he heard the angelic message, surrendered, and said yes- “… took Mary as his wife”
Incredible things happen when we say yes to God.

The Bible is full of men and women who said yes to God and made great difference.

Mary and Joseph said yes to God and became copartners in God’s project.

Two humans said yes and God came became man and saved the world.

What a plan … rest assure that when God asks you to join a project its going to make a big
difference in your life as well as for the Kingdom.

When we say yes to God wonderful things can happen in our lives and many have written
voluminous pages on the the subject of saying yes God.

I would like to share some of what I have read on the topic with you this morning that I think
will be of great blessings in your life.

So when we say yes to God:

(1) The gifts in us are activated;
God has placed talents and gifts in us for a purpose.
When we say yes to God they are activated with a mission.
Jud Wilhite (2014) in his book,
“The God of Yes”
conveys that when we say yes to God we see our lives as gifts from God.
Mary and Joseph lives were changed;
Mary and Joseph went from simple folks to the guardians of God in man on Earthwhat a leap – are you ready to LEAP?!?!

(2) Life becomes a mission;
life is not just a series of events but events with a mission
we are copartners with God.
Mary and Joseph became partners with God.
Life became a mission to raise the Messiah.

(3) Our worship expands.
God’s invitation to our lives opens opportunity for our worship to become:
and kingdom-focused.
Mary’s and Joseph’s worship expand from personal to kingdom- focused.

(4) We become part of God’s plans.
In Henry Blackaby’s “My experience with God”
he inspires that God’s calling in our lives as invitations.

You see God will carry out his project with or without us.

I want to be a part of His plan not an observer.

When we are invited to join Godly projects it is truly a privilege for us to become copartners
with God;
we become God’s guests like Joseph and Mary.


As we begin the season of giving and reflecting of the birth of Jesus Christ let us not forget that
before Mary’s and Joseph’s yes,
God had said yes to sending his beloved son Jesus to Earth to save mankind.

What is God inviting you to partake in?

What will be your response?

Well, I know this is the season of giving and we take time to choose the gifts that we are going
to give to our love ones, and sometimes its difficult to decide.

However, I will tell that all God wants from your life is not

PS 4
Baby doll
New phone
New appliance
Pandora charm
Power tool

he wants your YES

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