When the Impossible is Possible

Exodus 17:15-18
Joshua and the Amalekites

Isaiah – rivers in the desert
Isaiah 43:19

Your situation is a setup for a miracle.

Sloth Aramaic word for a trap. This word is used in prayer. Your prayers are traps for your

Days of silence

Saying “our father,” I wanted to be called “father” I never had a dad. I don’t know what it is to
tell “daddy, dad, pop, papa, father,” I’ve had plenty of spiritual fathers, but I never called them

Lords prayer “our father” or our “parent.”

Set your parent up to give you your desires.

SLOTHA comes from the root word sla
which means, “to set a trap,” as when
hunting. This was the simile, Jesus
employed: prayer is like setting a trap for

Teach us how to set a trap for God.
Don’t use your energy to worship but use
it to believe.

In between the problem and the miracle is
when you have to know that God is still
working behind the scenes.

This is only day 8 of 35. The mother eagle
is only a week into her waiting on the

Pharaoh in Exodus 14:7 sent 600 of his
fastest chariots to catch the Israelites

Illus: Red sea chaios

God may not take you from the trouble
but He may take you through the trouble

He didn’t give them a bridge over the red
sea. That would have been much peaceful
, but He used a storm to make a storm.

Illust: Paul and Silas

Praise through the pain “ill sing praises to
Your name O’ Lord.”

An earthquake came. God used a storm to
get them out of a storm

Illustration: Bro. Bryant and the loss of
Sis. Jean

Celeste and the stroke

Isaiah 3:10 it shall be well with you.

2 Kings 7:6 Four lepers

They never heard the footsteps. You
might not see or hear anything but know
God is at work.

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