Waiting on the spectacular

July 23 2023

Series: Spirit Led

Book: Jeremiah

Most Christians are Waiting on the spectacular

and missing the supernatural


Being spirit led.


What does a guide do? Leads


an intercessor, consoler:–advocate, comforter.




John 14:26



16:13 guide


Bares witness with an inward assurance


The witness


Romans 8:14


Proverbs 20:27


When someone says “I feel like …” God does not guide with feelings. The “feeling is the “inward parts”


Man is a spirit that has a soul that lives in a body.


2 Corinthians 4:16 outward man perish the inward man is renewed day by day


The spirit will change you and you will not be the same.


Renewing the mind


Filter, openness, timing ( seasoned with salt) – transformation

Part 2


Transform –


Spiritual maturity is similar to natural growth


Prayer language (what’s yours)


Proverbs 3:5-6 in all thy ways acknowledge

Romans 8:16


Jesus loves Martha John 11:5


Luke  10:38  – Mary and Martha sisters



Mark 4:38 carest not?


Obvious led is not led by the spirit


The Obvious Needs


Walking by sight


Clearly seen

Plainly viewed – why check with the Spirit!?!?


Don’t you care?


Jesus on the boat in the storm. What did the disciples say?

Mark 4:38 Jesus can cal your problems if you ask Him


It’s more important to be led by the spirit than to be diligent, thorough, finisher.


Gardening mentality of “finishing the row”


Led by a “ding ding” chime 🔔


You don’t have to answer every question


You can have all the facts and knowledge naturally to make the perfect decision. And still miss it!!!!


The main question is “Lord what do you want done”


Pride presumes – humility asks



” its more better to be led than diligent”


The “accuser” of the brethren will distract you.


Lets bind him!!!


How could Martha avoided missing being led? Before the apron. Before the cooking.!?!?


He fed 5000 and 4000 what about a house full?


Part 3


What do you think?



Enquiring Minds What To Know


Pick an Answer


The enemy wants you to choose between two bad options. Lessors of two evils.


You are following curiosity instead of the spirit


John 8: women caught in the act of adultery. “What do you say”


What is the spirit of peace?.cool and rest


We should be led by peace not pressure.


Hebrews 12:14 follow peace

Colliseans 3:15 let the peace rule

Isaiah 63:14 cause rest


What are you going to do?…time is running out ⏳


You don’t always need to answer!


Make yourself wait until you hear from the spirit.


Jeremiah 17:13


Psalms 112


Case dismissed!



Part IV

Spirit Led vs. Ego Driven



Maggie our Greek guide


Luke 4 Led to the wilderness

Jordan river past highlights


Spiritual warfare


Most of the weapons is to protect not to fight. There’s more attacks than battles.


Don’t focus on the stage without the steps.


Jeremiah 2:5-6


Where is the Lord?


The Wine

Ephesians 5:17


Be Filled:

Passive – imperative – plural


You can not be full of the Spirit if you are full of yourself



Living Under The Influence


What are signs of a relationship deteriorating?


How about spiritually? What are signs?


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