Virgin Birth Miracle

December 12 2021

Series: Book of Matthew “discover your story in history”
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When I was in India the second time I was amazed at how people were recognizing the
birth of Jesus. ie (nativity scenes, statues of Mary holding Jesus)

Did you know every time you write a check or put a date on something you are
acknowledging that Jesus was born and died.

BC (B.C.) is an abbreviation used in the Julian calendar, then later the Gregorian
calendar (introduced in October 1582), which means “before Christ.” The letters AD
(A.D.), although commonly thought to represent “After Death,” actually stand for “Anno
Domini,” a Medieval Latin phrase that is translated as “in the year of our Lord.” The
original designation for this type of year also included the Latin words “Jesu Christi” or
“Jesus Christ” is written after the word “Lord.”

Matthew 1:18 born of the Holy Spirt after

42 generations of natural births NOW an unnatural birth – Virgin Birth

Barna Polled Christian’s about the most important part of Christmas and of the 88%
that replied only 37% believed it was virgin birth…most were gifts, fellowship

parthenogenesis defined

Virgin Birth

Joseph was the adopted father or the legal father.

Matthew &

Matthew is descending while Luke is ascending

Luke demonstrates
bloodline purity.
Matthew shows
legal authority.

Matthew 1:16, :11
Jeremiah 22:
Isaiah 7:14

is not a name
But a title or description

Isaiah projected this 600 years before the birth of Jesus.

Liberal scholars say that Isaiah prophesies a girl will bare a son and not a virgin but the
translators got this correct with the Greek word Parthenos.

Genesis 3:

seed of
the woman

Catholics teach the “perpetual virginity of Mary” 600AD pope Martin

Matthew 13:54

Matthew 2

Story of some
wise men &
one unwise king

Matthew 2:3
“Wise Men”
Magi, magician

Daniel 2:48 Daniel placed over the wise men

Numbers 24:17 a Star out of Jacob and a Scepter of Israel

Matthew 2:4 Herod was not a Jew and was hated by them

These guys in the ministry knew the Bible from front to back. but
they missed the messiah

We must be careful with our superior knowledge of the word
Of God and miss God in our personal lives

You can have God so close to you but yet you are so far away

Be hungry for Him and not the “body”

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