The Well – The Water – The Worship – The Word

January 3 2021

Book: Acts, John

Bible Passage: John 4:1-4 Acts 1:8

Acts 1:8 Strategy of the ministry of the early church outreach


John 4:1-4 Judaea and Samaria


The direction that Jesus took was not normal, he “needed”


it’s like going to Charlotte from here but going through Rock Hill on the way


Why not a citywide crusade. Why just this woman.


Why this way:

  1. Jesus knowing Acts 1:8
  2. Jesus wanting to evangelize
  3. Jesus knowing the ground would be till by this woman


:6 6th hour is 12 noon the hottest part of the day


:7 women of Samaria

background of this town

From the day Jesus was there it had been 700 years of animosity

Jews had no dealing with Samaria

Jews going north as devout Jew would never pass through Samaria. They would go through the Jordan to get around it if necessary

726 BC Assyrian conquered Israel

12 tribes split

10 northern 2 southern

Assyrian would conquer a place and separate the people and would keep the poor of the land

Syncretism would occur

586 BC  The Babylonian captivity

Mount Gerizim – a temple was built 303BC

When Nehemiah decided to rebuild the temple was opposed by Sanballat and Tobiah. It is said that Sanballat son was the governor of Samaria

Samaritans had a revival Emile and worship, had the Torah

Less than 1000 Samaritans’s alive today. They still worship today


:6 Jesus weary…fully God and fully human


Weary in the pursuit of souls!


Most women draw water in the morning not in the heat of the day. This woman is not wanting to be around others.


:9 Rabbis did not talk to women without their husbands


:10 living water is a stream of moving water, not a pool


:11 “the living water” with sarcasm


15: thirst not…what did she thirst for…what did she crave, yearn for, with a strong longing

every relationship that she had drank


“If Only…” as a child, If only I was a teenager. As a teenager, If only I was an adult. As an adult “If Only I could marry that girl I would never thirst if only I could marry that guy I would never thirst.

if only I had a million dollars I would never thirst

If only I had that car

If only I had a new iPhone

My life will be so much better!!!!


:16 -19 Go call your husband


Jesus had been very patient and now He goes for the root cause of her thirst


5 Husbands

Could they have died, divorced, separated…on and on whatever the case she finally decided to just “shack it up’


Why pull the scab off of her sore…It was to get to the heart and pain to prove that she has a need that needs to be quenched.


This was for her but how would the Lord get your attention?



Bring me the record from 5 years of:

  1. Your tax returns


  1. Your phone history
  1. Your internet activity.


Jesus exposed her of her deepest secrets


Condemnation vs Conviction


Potepienie vs. przekonanie (shakonyanie)


:19 her deflecting from her sin

ie…I would get saved but why are there so many denominations

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