The Secret Disciple – John 3: 1- 22

December 27 2020

Book: John

Bible Passage: John 3 : 1-22

John 3 Born Again

1. We have nothing to do with our new birth.

A. Election
B. Regeneration

What salvation is not

i. Salvation is not being a “Christian.”
ii. Salvation is not coming to church promptly and regularly
iii. Salvation is not being a worker or a leader in the church
iv. Salvation is not being a pastor or a founder

What is Salvation
Salvation is accepting Christ alone as your personal Lord and Saviour
and working in His truth.

We have nothing to do with our new birth
Salvation is not earned by your good works or commitment,
Jesus is the standard and the grader. His marks for me are different for
you and you and you.

salvation can simply be a process by recognizing your self as a sinner,
repent from your sin, forsake your sin, accept Christ as your Lord and
Saviour, continue to walk in His truth.

2. Except a man be born again. John 3:3. Nicodemus was admonished
by the miracles Jesus was doing, and he was sure an ordinary man
would not do that, Jesus responded to him by letting him know is not
about miracle or earthly things because all these will go with the world,
though he acknowledges that Christ came from God but Jesus made him
realize that he can only see the Kingdom of God by becoming born

No matter what you position may be or what your status may be
physically, spiritually, socially, religious wise, if you want o be partaker of
God’s kingdom and participate in the feast of the lamb which is far better
than the Christmas we celebrate today you must be born again.

3. How can a man be born again?
John 3: 4 – 7: This was the major question Nicodemus asked Jesus
Christ on that fateful night when they met which still a prevalent question
till today, Jesus gave a direct answer which still applies to as many that
seek salvation today, you must be born of water and spirit.

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