The Present – John 20:30-31

December 20 2020

Book: Ephesians, John, Luke

Key Verse John 20:30-31

Matthew is what Jesus said
Mark is what He did
Luke is how He felt
John is who He was

The First Miracle
You would have thought His first miracle would have been something more spectacular “ I am
Jesus” in the clouds or stopping a tsunami, earthquake, or volcano
But what He does will bring lasting impact on His mother, disciples, and the bride and groom
John 2:1
Wedding invitations…how many of you sisters remember how you tried to make sure no one
was left out.
There where three miracles in my wedding
1. Bro Podaras officiated it
2. She said YES
3. Steve James got away with putting “go cowboys” on my jag
John 2: 2 whoever this Bride and groom was they wanted Mary at the wedding and Jesus,
have you ever made a list and said now you know if we invited “her” she will bring
“them” so do we really want to invite “her”
John 2:3 no wine…

Illustration Wedding problems: David and Ruths wedding a lady fainted
I have had my share of late arrivals – Vanessa, starting late: Ava
At my wedding, we had cold meatballs…
Technical issues: Lukas and Agata needing translation…Polish weddings have lots of alcohol
John 2:4 Woman equal to ma’am (sis. Trish and her mom)
John 2:5 ‘do it’….what is Mary thinking right hear

I want to talk about three gifts…actually 3 Presents that were given in this lesson today.

The 1st gift was in the form of a baby

1. Jesus is your greatest present. Luke 2:1-19
Invite Jesus to your wedding.
Make sure you have Jesus in everything you do and plan to do.

2. The water into wine was a lifelong present. John 2:6-7
6 x 20 = 120 gallons on the low side it was probably closer to 150 gallons of wine
Not the cheap stuff but top quality
God gives us the best! We settle for average when he wants to do exceedingly
abundantly, above all, we can ask or think…Ephesians 3:20

3. Your presents are to be shared with others. John 2:10
I know I will get asked about drinking wine after this lesson…
We have wine for communion
ILLUSTRATION: my wedding Celeste only took a sip
1 Corinthians 10:23 everything is not expedient
John 2:11 Jesus first public demonstration of His divine power
From this word today the greatest Christmas you can have is to accept Christ into your life

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