The New Law

December 29 2021

Series: Book of Matthew

Topic: The New Law

Righteousness exceeds 1. Pharisee 2. Scribe
Two Religious Views
-human achievement
-Devine accomplishments
Apostle Paul knew both of these views
6 comparison of what the Jews were raised on believing
Outward action vs. Inward attitude
Racca-imbecile idiot an arrogant pronouncement of an individual lack of intelligence
Fool- moran an inability to learn from actions
Forgive- notice go then “come” to worship
Illustrations: running over someone in a car – I ask God to forgive me but what about asking the
the person that I hit?
Do it quickly. Have fast is that? Paul said don’t let the sun go down on your anger
-Adultery 2nd commandment of these 6
External vs Internal. Matters of the heart because that’s where it starts.
1. Starts with lust
Usually, for men, it begins visually
Deal drastically with sin “cut it off”
David “looking” at his neighbor’s wife
Glance vs. Glaze
Deuteronomy 24
Divorce Philosophy in the days of Jesus
Cut it off “hit the road jack”

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