The New Law

January 2 2022

Series: Book of Matthew

Topic: The New Law

Book: Matthew

Righteousness exceeds 1. Pharisee 2. Scribe

Two Religious Views
-human achievement
-Devine accomplishments

Apostle Paul knew both of these views

Six comparison of what the Jews were raised on believing

Outward action vs. Inward attitude
Racca-imbecile idiot an arrogant pronouncement of an individual lack of intelligence

Fool- Moran an inability to learn from actions

Forgive- notice go then “come” to worship

Illustrations: running over someone in a car – I ask God to forgive me, but what about asking the
the person that I hit?

Do it quickly. Have fast is that? Paul said don’t let the sun go down on your anger

-Adultery 2nd commandment of these 6

External vs. Internal. Matters of the heart because that’s where it starts.
1. Starts with lust
Usually, for men it begins visually
Deal drastically with sin “cut it off.”
David “looking” at his neighbor’s wife

Glance vs. Glaze


Deuteronomy 24

Divorce Philosophy in the days of Jesus

Cut it off “hit the road jack”

PART TWO Matthew 5:33-
1. Concerning Murder 5:21
2. Concerning Adultery 5:27
3. Concerning Divorce 5:31
4. Concerning Promises 5:33

White lies – its in human core to be dishonest to get our ways no matter how to
twist our rules or motives. Cheating in a game. Bending the rule
“By thy life; or by thy head; or include God

1. Voluntary Oath

2. Binding Oath
As kids “cross your heart….”

You can’t keep
God out of a
Jesus raises the bar for verbal communication

Vows, oral contracts

A closed mouth gathers no feet. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.

Do you think before you love something you have to like it first…degrees of
growth. I love you but I don’t have to like you

5. Concerning Revenge 5:38

Eye for an eye – it seems like that is “the bloody mean God” but to understand
it’s there to balance the judgement because human nature is to go overboard.

You knock out my eye I will knock out both of yours.

The Law of Exact Retribution

Genesis 4: Lamech’s Revenge

Eye for an eye was for the courts because of public crimes it was never intended
to be among private, secret, personal offenses.

IN Jesus’s day they had taken their issues and law into their own hand. (Amad

:39 “resisting evil” some say let it reign don’t stop it.
Defunding the police, get rid of the court system, military (their purpose is to
protect the innocent …..get rid of thugs not to be a thug (chovan vs George

Jesus drove the money changers. Paul and the man that sin mentions public

“Sickem GOD” is not a bad idea…unless you say “Sickem GOD…and kill them”

We don’t need the law, military, court system in the Body of Christ – Millennium

6. Concerning Love and Hate 5:43

This was common by the Pharisees that taught to love their own and hate
Samaritan or Gentiles

Love – Bless – Do Good – Pray

The heaviest weight to carry is a pack of grudges

Illustration of enemy “have you ever been wronged willfully, they didn’t have too.
Man made at his ex wife. Drug abuse, stealing, adultery…are you perfect? Jesus
loves you and prays for you. Do you pray for her?

When it’s hard to pray for someone you have moved from offered to bitterness.

Illustration: of a man not making the kingdom or being miles away

Illustration: of my neighbor

Chapter 6:1 they move from what they heard to what they have “seen”

Being Genuine:
~In Giving
~In Praying
~In Fasting

Jesus uses this term twice “hypocrite”

Why do we need to be warned from doing “good deeds”

Illustration: our first sanctuary chairs in the store front where given by an Hindu that owned the
hotel conference room. He said maybe it will help me come judgement day.

First shall be last and last first. Apostles are the gates

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