The Disciples Prayer – Our Father

January 9 2022

Series: Book of Matthew

Book: Matthew

Bible Passage: Matthew 6:9

Matthew 6:9
Why are we finding Jesus giving this prayer.
Is it a pray to pray or a model prayer = I believe both
I love being a dad- Although i never had a dad I love being one. Lil’ Paul really loves his daddy
and i sure do love him.
Matthew 5, 6, 7 is the famous sermon of Jesus
This is the most famous prayer…
I found a couple funny stories from kids that said “Our Father who does art in heaven…another
one said ‘lead us snot into temptation”
I wanted to only use 4 words in the lesson today “Our Father In Heaven”
Does every one get the text blast and the app notifications…if not we will give out more
information about them at the end of service. But let any Admin staff or me and my wife know if
you want to get them.
Yesterday a message was sent out about the way we can:
How to Sail on the Waves of Life to the Father:
1. Relationship
2. Friendship
3. Fellowship
4. Guardianship
Our Father in Heaven
The word “our” means relationship. Its an intimate term.
Not: The man upstairs – The BIG guy
Its like if Paul called me “old man – old timer – Same as with women, Old bag,
Today we hear of : Step-dude, baby daddy, Sunday dad
Its not unusually for us to hear the term Father when we pray to God but at this time it was
unheard of and revolutionary
Greek and Roman religions their Gods where always mean and fearful.
Jews never called God father but master, ruler, mighty, strong…only as father as of the nation
When they wrote His name they would wright it as:
Never in the history of Israel was there any Rabbis that call God father until Jesus did.
It was an amazing shock to hear it.
John 5:16- made them mad when Jesus would say “father”
In the 4 gospel Jesus referred to God as Father 165 times
Only once did He call Him “my God” but He closed that prayer “father into your
Jesus spoke Aramaic and would not have said “father’ but Abba
Galatians 4:6-7
The first two words that a baby learns in America are what?
In Israel it’s Abba and Ema
What’s your
with the Father?
Is it the mighty awesome sovereign God!!
There is a book out called “Knowing God’ and it has a line that says father is the
Christian name for God.
Not the good Lord or the man upstairs but my lord, my father, my God…even Father
may be to proper.
Illustration: of the procession of the emperor coming by and the boy running out to
meet him and being stopped by the guards who said do you know that is the emperor
passing by. The little boy said he may be the emperor to you but he is my daddy.
In Mt. Airy at the Salt and Light convention there was 2000 people around and they
where Dr. Paul this and Dr. Paul that and Little Paul came up to me and said “daddy”
where’s the access to back stage.
Our Father in Heaven
You are in a relationship with God more than He being your Father but He is also your
Friend. not a friend like a buddy but a friend that you respect with Him being your Lord.
As a child of God you connect with Him as a friend.
Isaiah 41:8
James 2:23
2 Chronicles 20:7
John 15:14-15
Our Father in Heaven
The first word is Our…meaning yours but not yours alone
Notice in this entire prayer there are no personal pronouns…I, me, my, or mine
Jesus removed from us that vocabulary and made it more our, we, us
If I would have wrote the prayer I would have said “My father…”
I have even heard it quoted as “my father which art in heaven” thats not correct in
Most evangelicals will push the narrative of a personal relationship with God even over
balanced…i too do that when I am making alter calls but i follow it with plugging them
in with believers.
I am a body of Christ man…I understand the revelation of the body of believers…
personal relationship should be more explained as a “private relationship”
I also push “family’ i never want a family to be apart. I always ask how is your family.
Psalms 68:6
You are not the body of Christ individually but we are the body of Christ together
The New Testament phrase ‘one another’ show up 87 times 60 times from Paul
Colossians 3:9-16
Examples of Soldering with no army, football player no team, business man no
business, tuba player no orchestra
Our Father in Heaven
Where does it say that God is….Heaven is His vantage point
He sees all! He hears all! This is different from other mythical gods
Psalms 115:1-18
Their gods has feet but he cant walk!!!!
Heavens are God’s but the earth is ours!
Is there such thing as BIG request for God? Why do we pray that way…
Don’t forget where God is!
Our father – who He is to me
In heaven – what He is to me

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