The Best Boss Ever

March 20 2022

Series: Book of Matthew

Book: Matthew

Bible Passage: Matthew 20

The best in the world.
What would that look like to you?
Matthew 20: a parable about the best boss is from what happened in Matthew 19
“parables” today we don’t have much storytelling except for in a church.
Jesus did not have song show, Jesus did not have Bible, Jesus did not have these luxuries
*Attention span today vs. 2000 years ago ( parable – ancient YouTube- make a story alive)
Today instead of reading a story we watch it, instead of listening to music we watch it (YouTube)
Jesus dealt with money from the young ruler
Camel and the eye of a needle challenge to rich people
and from Peter saying they had left all
Matthew 19:28-30
What is regeneration? The Kingdom? the afterlife?
First shall be last and last first.
How many Christ-followers are in the room? We all get heaven as a gift.
Now that you are saved, you are saved to do good works. You will get presents as well
Matthew 20:1
Twelve Hour Work Day
Researched to find the value of a days wage. At minimum wage for 12 hour day $100 a day
Matthew 20:2-5
Twelve Hour Work Day
1st hour 6am
3rd hour 9am
6th hour 12pm noon
9th hour 3pm
11th hour 5pm
11th hour
Why does he start with the last first?
Its the test to see where the hearts are of the 1st group. Jesus is probing like a dentist with an
employer tool
He reversed it
Matthew 20:9
If God was manifested in a human being as a boss how good do you think he would be?!?!
Two types of workers:
*Contract Worker
*Hourly Worker
The shocker is that Jesus to the hourly worker as he would the contractor
How do you tip?
Do you say “ Lord give me what i deserve”
Lord give me what you think I should have…but don’t talk god out of it.
Prov. 30:7-9 feed me Lord!
2 Corinthians 5:10 rewards
Revelation 22:12 rewards are with him
1 Corinthians 3:13-15 works will be tried
1 Corinthians 9:24-27 run the race for the crown
Bema Seat- Judgement Day
Greek athlete with a twig reef crown
For a believer there is the hope of an intimate relationship with our
In Heaven we shall see our Redeemer face to face and we can be
forever in His presence.
We have believed in the Lord by faith and served Him and trusted in
Him .
We have loved our Savior even though we have not seen Him face to
But in the kingdom we will meet him face to face and our joy will be
We will enter into a new relationship with Him as the bride of the
Heavenly Bridegroom.
Just like the surprises of who gets what reward
There will be people in the kingdom that will be a surprise

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