Thankful for Time

November 14 2021

Time is our most valuable possession. You can get more money but you cannot get
more time.
John Paul Getty, once the wealthiest man on the planet, who was married three times,
said, ‘I’d give my entire fortune for one happy marriage.’
Marriage. Family. Friends. And happiness is based on time!
Redeeming the Time….Ephesians 5:14-15
Time makes things temporary. Positive and negative
* The most common thing that God has given to the human race is time
* COMMON— we all have time the same —Ethnics, color, height, weight, education
9 billion people in the world have the same amount of it in a given day.
billionaire – beggar….old-young…black-white/Asian/Indian
1. What you are and what you become depends on how you use your time.
2. TIME cannot be stopped but humans can control how it will be used
1. Time is unstoppable but controllable
2. What you do with it will determine who you will become
how has your time in 2021 been spent.
Are you able to go back and look over the past year and be thankful for how you spent
your time.

1. Life is time ( How old are you? Really I’m saying what is your life) you say your age
2. Life s defined by Time
3. life is measured n Time
4. Life is determined by Time
5. Life is Lived out in Time
6. Life is qualified by Time
7. The passing of Time s the passing of Life
8. Life stops when Time stops…when you die
9. Death is Lie leaving Time
10. Time is temporary-life is eternal
*Time is an interruption in eternity
*Time is a small measure of eternity
*Time is a piece of eternity
*Time is a slice of forever
*Time is the limited period during which an action or process exists and takes place.
*Time is the measurement of space
Eccl. 3:10-12 Time has power
Time is a release from eternity.
Adam expelled out of the garden to protect the tree of life….
A mistake in eternity is an eternal mistake
Genesis 1:14-15, :18 God saw it was good
universe is a big clock…synced in time…like it was wound like a clock

1. To take you out of eternity
2. To protect you from forever
3. To measure the existence of life
4. To define life
5. To measure the quality of life
6. To account for your life
7. To define the distance between your beginning and end
8. To live life in doses
9. To measure the purpose of our lives

Job 14:5-7
Psalms 39:4
Psalms 90:12
Ecc. 8:6
The Measure of TIME
1. Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years
2. Time measures life in yesterday, today, and tomorrow
3. Decades, centuries, seem like a large past
4. Seasons…winter spring summer fall
Time separates your past from your future. It protects us from living in a permanent
position of the past.
***I will not be in this spot tomorrow! PAST TIMES
Broke..sick…behind…unmarried…divorced…widowed…fat…out of shape…
Nothing is permanent in time!!!!

The equality commodity of time
1. Time is the only commodity on earth given equally to each human being
2. Time is the only commodity every human possesses
3. every human every day is given the same amount of time
4. What you become in life is determined by what you with your time

1. Time is the currency of life
2. Every human is given the same amount of time each day
3. Time like all currency must be spent
4. Time is used to buy life
5. Time is used to spend your life
If you are poor you are spending your time doing what poor people do
Whatever you invest your time in will change your life!
There are some people you need to drop. “No”vember
Time gives you the opportunity to change relationships
Abusing-Wasting Time

1. Time can be stolen
2. Time can be abused
3. Time can be lost
4. Time can be squandered
5. Time Can be appreciated
6. Time can be depreciated (where did the time go)
7. Time can be devalued (time has flown by and I missed it)
What are you spending your time on, with, doing
8. Time can be revalued…you can find new and better places to spend
your time.
The books you read…TV shows…Social media… games…sports


1. You can never stop time
2. You can never control time
3. You can never resist time
4. You can never compromise time
5. You can never reprocess time
6. You can never buy time
7. You can never slow time down
8. You can never speed time up
9. Until death you are stuck in time…victims of time
BUT you can measure time so that is the key not to letting time fly away.
Psalms 90:10 teach us to number our days…how old are you

1. You can manage it
2. You can use it
3. You can invest it
4. You convert it into projects
5. It should be used to create, develop, build, and add value to life
6. To fulfill your divine purpose

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