Pray Perfectly

September 22 2021

Book: Acts, Romans

Bible Passage: Acts 10:46 Romans 8:27

Reason 6 why we should pray in tongues is because it is according to the perfect will
of God.

“And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit because he
maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God” (Romans 8:27).

We don’t always know what we should pray for as we ought—but the Spirit does.

When we pray in other tongues, it is our Spirit praying the will of God by the Holy Spirit
within us.

The Holy Spirit within us gives us the utterance, and we speak it out of our Spirit.
o We do the talking—He gives the utterance (see Acts 2:4).
o It is Spirit-directed or Spirit-led.
o By this method, the Holy Spirit helps us pray according to the will of God.
o It eliminates the possibility of selfishness entering into our praying.

Reason 12 why the believer should pray in tongues is that it magnifies God.

“For they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God” (Acts 10:46).

There are many more reasons, but the perspective of having God become bigger
in your eyes, your mind, your ministry, and everything in your life is unlimited in

The scope of tongues is as big as God Himself and helps us learn more about Him.

Discipline yourself to a life of tongues, and doors to the realm of the Spirit will open to you,
and you will never again imagine your life without your holy prayer language.

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