Power of Sharing

January 13 2021

Book: John

Bible Passage: John 6 John 4;46-54

John 6 share food with others

Big crowds followed Jesus

Jesus knew the people following him had needs because they followed him because of the

The No Named:
1. Water to Wine. John 2:1-11
2. Nobleman’s Son Fever. John 4:46-54
3. Pool Bethesda Lame Man. John 5:1-18

:5 test of trust
Phillip knew this area. No bakery around for them to buy from. The impossible was evident.
Will Phillip give the “write” answer that Jesus was looking for at that moment.
When God wants to do something wonderful He begins with the difficult but when He wants to
the unbelievable he begins with the impossible.

Phillip is an accountant type. He does the math on the fly. I like those kind of people that are
spare of the moment, impulse worker.

Phillip was not a doubter but more of the pessimistic/realistic type.

“Show is the father” show us God and we will be convinced.

Illustration: men vs women and cars.

When a car won’t start a woman may come up and say let’s just believe God lay our hands on
this car and will see it come to start working. But a man in his mind doesn’t even think about
that. He begins to think about it must be gas. It must be the spark plugs. For some reason fire
or fuel is not getting to the engine and that’s why it won’t start.

Miracle Math
7 x WOW = 5000
2 loves 5 fish

The only thing Phillip missed was the 7 items will not = 5000 unless the Y is God. The equals is
Difficultly must always be measured by the agent doing the work.
The right answer is Jesus there is not a bakery big enough around here. He knew better
because of the 3 previous miracles.

:8 Andrew brother of Simons brother
Andrew didn’t write any books. No sermons recorded. He was a connector. He connected
people to Jesus. We will see him in chapter 12 meeting the Greeks just like he did his brother.

:9 now we add to the “no name” list the lad
This story is in all 4 gospels and John is the only one that identifies him as a boy.
The others just talk about the loves and fish and never mentioned the boy.
No fame and No name! Just play your role.
Poor boy – barley loaves was bread of poor.
Small bite size fish not salmon. More like sardines

10: grass
John says much grass
Matthew says the grass
Mark says green grass
Early Passover season

:11 Jesus takes the loaves. The mom when she made the lunch never knew it would be in the
hands of Jesus and 15k of his friends.
Never underestimate how God is using you to change the world!
Don’t focus on your littlest but Gods greatness.

Prayer:Blessed are you God of the universe who brings blessings from the bread of the earth.
:12 “filled” more than enough verses :7 little

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