Persistence to Receive

January 30 2022

Series: Book of Matthew

Matthew 9- 10

Wednesday night we met our author and he took us to his house for a meal

Today we start with a meal in the word at Matthews house and we will end today with a meal in
the dining room

Jesus loved meals, fellowship, dinners, breakfast. He associated the gospel with food!

Mark 2:15 – Luke 5:29

We have picked up that doctrine and built a very nice dinning room and covid robbed us of that
Jesus fed the 5K and the 4K. Last supper in revelations.

Revelations 3:20 if any one will come to me they can eat with me

In Jewish times it was very intimate when you shared a meal with someone

Illustration: Jesus Knocking at the door
Holman Hunt painted this picture

Matthew 9:10 Matthew evangelizing (natural result when you get saved)

Jesus was the doctor that made house calls. Matthew 9:12
Matthew newly saved and the Pharisees are not. Who wanted to be a Pharisee??

Illustration: man cave next door

The Pharisees method of evangelism is pointing fingers. There message is not attractive
If you dad a billboard that say Psalms 9:17…”your welcome at Fellowship Church”
The gospel is for the sick bad people.

Jesus is after the people that no one else wants.

The Pharisees were good at finding the sickness but they did not have a cure. I want to help
you get better not just tell you what is wrong with you.

Matthew 9:14 Notice the disciples of John…men like Apollos and the converts in Ephesus

Fasting is a good practice but what fasting is not a way of “twisting God’s Arm”

Fasting helps us to:
1. Focus
When you push your plate away you take the normal time of eating and you pray, read,
meditate. It allows you to block out other things ad focus on what God would have for you to

2. Be Thankful
We can become dull in all the things we have. We can lose our appreciation for the little things
and sometimes the big things. So fasting helps us to be thankful.
Illus: Leave America on a mission trip and coming back home

3. See others needs
You think about those who do not have as much and you find ways to help them it.
Isaiah 58:6-7 living bible

Jesus will answer their question on three topics. Write down these answers together.

Matthew 9:15-17
John the Baptist uses this language in John 3:28-30
John was saying he is the best man not the groom.

Jewish wedding 2000 years ago did not have a honeymoon but a feast for a week hosted by
the bride and groom.

Jesus promoted fasting and His apostles fasted often after he left.

You can fast more than food. We fasted TV for the entire month of August.
Biblical fasting usually is when you are in a pinch.

This chapter is about:

Persistency…to receive
Point of contact to release your faith.
Paralyzed man, Jarius faith, woman with issue, two blind men

Healing was evident from God but the Pharisees saw it from the Satan. Finger pointing!

The hinge Matthew 9:35 from disciples to apostles…Jesus gets help from His body

Demon possession 2000 years ago vs. today…technical demons

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