Pass it Along

February 6 2022

Series: Book of Matthew

Book: Matthew

Pass its along
American Teens
95% Believe in supernatural phenomenon
Of them 74% believe in angels
50% believe in ESP
29% believe in witchcraft
22% believe in ghost
16% believe in the Loch Ness Monster
The Bible reveals the supernatural
Most people that believe in God don’t believe that there is a devil/Satan/Hell
Its dummied down some because of songs like:
The devil with the red dress on
The devil went down to Georgia
Devil in her heart
It must just be a word that describes evil
On six different occasions in the gospels Jesus cast out literal demons that posed a person
63 times the word demon appears…sometimes an unclean spirit
Matthew 12:22
My experience with demon possession
Kids dabbling in witchcraft because of curiosity
“spirit writing” or automatic writing
Anything that keeps you from Jesus is demonic…distraction (possession) means consumed by
Matthew 12:34
Pass it Along
:36 the idle words …tongue
:37 either you do what you say or you don’t and your actions speak louder than your words.
You are saying it but not doing it.
Back to evil spirits in Matthew 12:43
Empty – of everything that was there before that was evil
Swept – clean even the corners
Garnished – replenished with good looking things
:48 family ties
This passage is not against natural families as much as it is to emphasize
A family of a different kind
Matthew 13:1-3
Seed is the word of God. It was passed to you by the sower
Sower is someone that has the seeds but they are passing it along.
pass the baton
Soil is the heart that receives the seed. Receives the truth
there are 4 types of soil, and all 4 are in this building or online right now
you have to tend to soil. Its not to be left alone to be productive
:4 way side is the soil that the sower walks on. Its the path. to the birds
they are callus and are not open to the truth, stiff neck, hard hearted
don’t write them off because they can be saved but not right away like Saul
Illustration: Manhattan pigeons in Central Park
:5 stony places – The Shallow Heart
Illustration: my yard
They start out great but no dept to sustain the roots. They are quick to respond…a cheerleader
ready to work but not much change. Just a caring person…they usually fizzle out
:7 thorns…The Crowded Heart
There is always a competition for space in this heart. They are torn from both sides 1.
God 2. World
:8 good ground The Fruitful Heart
Psalms 1 a receptive heart
Return on Investment
100 fold = 10K % MORE
60 fold = 6K % MORE
30 fold = 3K % MORE
Typical return on farming in ancient times was 8 to 1
Only 25% of the seed sown is fruitful and of that all is not 100 fold
25% will not hear at all
50% minimal or carnal
That’s an example of today of people getting the truth
:9 examples of how people hear….notes, edge of seat, snoring
;16 blessed are your eyes

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