Overcoming Burnout

August 7 2022

Dangers of Discouragement
Causes of burnout
Burnout can occur for several reasons. However, poorly informed standards of
conduct stress has been recognized as the primary cause
Other factors contribute to works related stress, which in turn, contribute to
burnout (Edmund, 2019; Gallup, 2020). These include the following:
Unrealistic Church expectations
Unrealistic church expectations include an unmanageable workload, unrealistic
deadlines, and unrealistic time pressure. Members who are expected to perform
consistently for long periods under unrealistic measures are more likely to
experience burnout.
The number of tasks that members are expected to complete also contributes to
an unrealistic workload.
Members who feel like they have no control over their environment, tasks, or time
are more likely to experience burnout.
Poor instructions
Poor instructions also includes poorly defined tasks and unclear communication
from the ministry . When members work in environments where instructions and
tasks are unclear, they are more likely to suffer from burnout.
Unclear instructions can lead to unrealistic expectations and micromanaging
because leaders do not clearly explain what they expect of their members,
resulting in multiple iterations of work without an apparent end. Members have to
work hard to figure out what exactly the leadership expect from them, and this
increases feelings of anxiety and exhaustion.
Christians benefit from socializing with their peers, and this can lead to feelings
of support. Without regular contact with peers, members may feel like they are
Lack of support and unfair treatment
Members who feel like their leaders do not support them or treat them unfairly
are at higher risk of burnout.
Numbers 21:4
There are many reasons why we may get discouraged in this life. We live in a world that
is hostile towards Christ and those who believe in Him and live according to the
principles of His Word. But God doesn’t want us to be discouraged. There are some very
serious consequences when a child of God becomes discouraged.
Wrong Things People Do When Discouraged.
• A. They pray the wrong prayers.
◦ 1. Moses: Nu. 11:14-15
▪ a. The people had been complaining and the Lord judged them with
fire. v1-2
b. They began to complain again about only having manna to eat.
c. Moses was so discouraged that he prayed for God to kill him.
◦ 2. Elijah: 1Ki. 19:10
▪ a. God had proven Himself in power and might by sending down fire
from heaven at Elijah’s request.
b. God had wrought a great victory on Mt. Carmel through Elijah.
c. He was now on the run from Jezebel and prayed for God to kill him.
• B. They say the wrong things.
◦ 1. Note: Nu. 21:4-5
2. The people spoke against God, and they spoke against God’s man.
3. God did not take into account that they were discouraged…he judged them
quickly for their sin.
4. Many times we say things when we are discouraged that we will regret
later…but a word spoken cannot be reclaimed.
• C. They think the wrong things.
◦ 1. Note: Mt. 11:2-3
2. John was the one who was the forerunner of the Messiah.
3. His entire life and ministry was one of preparation for the coming Christ.
4. He declared Jesus to be the ‘Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the
5. However, now he was in prison and was discouraged greatly facing an
unknown future.
6. He began to question his very faith in Christ.
7. We must be very careful what we dwell on with our minds.
8. Note: Ph. 4:8 “Think on these things…”
• D. They see the wrong things.
◦ 1. Note: Nu. 13:25-33
2. “…we were in our own sight as grasshoppers…” 6″ : 66″ : 60.5′
3. There is no question that there were giants in the land, but they weren’t 60ft
4. When we are discouraged our problems look much bigger than they really
5. Caleb and Joshua saw the same sights that the other spies saw, and their
testimony was that God was greater than all the obstacles that they saw in the
• E. They do the wrong things.
◦ 1. Note: Nu. 20:7-11
2. This would be the sin that would keep him from leading the nation into the
promised land.
3. People have quit jobs, quit church, and quit on their marriages because they
were discouraged.
4. Moses would be able to see the land, but he would never possess the land
that God had promised, he lost that because of his disobedience.
• F. They will end up in the wrong places.
◦ 1. Jonah wound up in the belly of the whale.
2. Abraham found himself down in Egypt.
3. Elimilech and Naomi took their family to the heathen land of Moab.
4. Peter warmed himself at the enemy’s fire.
5. Thomas missed Sunday night church and missed seeing the resurrected
• G. They will develop the wrong spirit.
◦ 1. A spirit of murmuring and a critical spirit.
2. Note: Ps. 119:165
3. A spirit of defeatism…ready to give up and quit.
4. Our will needs to be broken, but not our spirit.
5. Bitterness will destroy us. “Looking diligently…lest any root of bitterness
springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled.” cf He. 12:15
II. How To Beat Discouragement.
• A. Realize that it is an act of our will.
◦ 1. We are equipped to handle every problem that may come our way…and that
includes discouragement.
2. We have the Holy Spirit…
3. We have the Word of God…
4. We have the privilege of prayer…
5. We have brothers and sisters in Christ…
• B. Maintain a right attitude; regardless of circumstances.
◦ 1. Joseph stayed right…
2. Daniel stayed right…
3. Paul and Silas…
• C. Remain stedfast and unmoveable. 1Co. 15:58
Some people set themselves up for discouragement.
They fail to take advantage of what God has equipped us with to overcome it.
Beware of this.
Satan cannot have our soul, but he can attack and oppress until we are discouraged and
then we will do, or say something that could ruin our testimony and effectiveness for the
rest of our lives.

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