Mother’s Fight for Your Family Too

Bible Passage: 2 Timothy 1: 5

While Paul certainly taught, mentored, and encouraged Timothy in the faith, he is quick
to call out Lois and Eunice by name as the ones who began Timothy’s legacy of faith.
He says, the “faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and
now, I am sure, dwells in you as well” (2 Timothy 1:5).
Lois’s and Eunice’s example of exercising a sincere faith of their own and then sharing
their faith and teaching Scripture to Timothy should be an encouragement to every
mother and grandmother.
1. Mothers share your faith with your children.
Their commitment to raising Timothy to know God’s Word gave him the foundation he
needed to become a godly influence in Ephesus.
These women’s example shows that believing family members have a responsibility to
fight for their descendants to know God’s Word.
A grandmother has the opportunity to instill the groundwork for faith in her
grandchildren. That responsibility does not rest solely with the parents.
2. Fight for future generations
Furthermore, Eunice’s example shows that a mother should not defer the spiritual health
of her children to a non-believing father.
Paul’s example further encourages us to take on the responsibility of mentoring those
who may not have godly family members to follow.
Ultimately, Timothy was not the only person to benefit from the godly influence of his
mother, his grandmother, and his spiritual father, but the entire church in Ephesus
reaped the benefits of their godly influence.
Paul was right to recognize Lois and Eunice by name for their part in establishing
Timothy in the faith.
Perhaps one day, other mothers and grandmothers of other children will be recognized
for their faithful influence as well.
I never met my mom’s mother but she was a member of my dad’s church.
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