Men Fight for Your Family

June 18 2023
Men Fight for Your Family

Bible Passage: Genesis 12, 20, 21

Battle For Our Children


It’s a war

What we are facing today is fierce and all the things that disturb me in the us culture. Of all the horrific sinful. Wretched wicked influences that go on in this culture, nothing distresss me more than the war on children.


This culture is weaponized to distort children. It is systematically designed to do that.


62.5 million have been slaughtered in the womb since Roe vs Wade 1973


We all understand the breakdown of the family and if the child is born it has a 50/50 chance to be born to a married couple.


It is likely that the married couple will get a divorce. It is likely that they will be unfaithful to their marital vows. It is likely that the child will be exposed to an anti God, anti Jesus and anti church in public schools.


Laws are being passed daily that are devistataing to children. From LGBTQ+ agendas and the desire is to make that normal and to punish people that speak against it. With laws categorized as hate speech.

Music producers, movie makers and social media platforms, big tech are constantly giving us a false narrative opposite of scripture.


Children are under a direct assault and we have a society and culture that want to make sure that those who oppose us as Bible believers can continue to push their ideology without restraints.


Children are defenseless when their parents sale them to human traffickers when they drop them 8-10 feet over a wall into Sodom and Gommarah to defend for themselves.


Children are under war from ages 3 to 20


The most defenseless is under attack.

Their is a demonic battle for our children.


Genesis 12 I Will


In Genesis 12 God said to Abram six times “I will.”


  1. I will show you!


He told Abram go, “To a land that I will show you.


  1. I will make you


I will make you a great nation;


  1. I will make your name great


  1. I will bless those that bless you



I will bless you And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing.


  1. I will curse who curses you


I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you” (Genesis 12:1-3).


  1. I will bless your family


Abram left a comfortable life in Harran because he had faith in God’s promise. “To your descendants I will give this land.” (Genesis 12:7) But Abram deceived Pharaoh, “…they will kill me, but they will let you live. Please say you are my sister.” He was fallible.


Genesis 13-14 Abram & Lot


Abram was very rich in gold and silver and had enormous herds of animals. The land could not hold his and Lot’s herds so they separated. Revealing his character, Abram let Lot choose the best land. “If you take the left, then I will go to the right.” (Genesis 13:9) Lot chose the greener, sin-filled plains, but eventually needed rescue. Eastern kings attacked, captured Lot and his family. Abram took 318 fighting men and saved them. Then he met Melchizedek king of Salem [Jerusalem], a priest of God. Abram “gave him a tithe [a tenth] of all” (Genesis 14:20) and refused to be bribed by the king of Sodom.


Genesis 15-17 Covenant


God encouraged Abram, “count the stars… So shall your descendants be… And he believed in the Lord, and He accounted it to him for righteousness.” (Genesis 15:5-6) Sarai used her handmaid as a surrogate, who bore Ishmael. God changed Abram’s name from High Father (Abram) to Father of a Multitude (Abraham), and Sarai’s name from Princess (Sarai) to THE Princess (Sarah). God instituted circumcision as a sign of the covenant and promised a son via Sarah. Abraham laughed that a hundred-year-old man would father a son. So God said, “Sarah your wife shall bear you a son, and you shall call his name Isaac [Yitzhak, He Laughs].” (Genesis 17:19)


Genesis 18-19 Sodom


Our Lord with two angels visited Abraham, promised a son and shared God’s plans for Sodom. Abraham asked about fifty, forty-five, forty, thirty, twenty, or ten righteous there. The Lord promised, “I will not destroy it for the sake of ten.” (Genesis 18:32). Lot lived in a city of ego, obesity, idleness, and where the poverty-stricken and disadvantaged suffered (Ezekiel 16:49). The Angels entered Lot’s home, but a mob yelled, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally.” (Genesis 19:5) The angels rescued Lot from the gang, struck them blind and next morning destroyed the city.


Genesis 20 Abraham Deceives Abimelech


Though Abraham was faithful to God, like us he was still not a perfect man. His defense by deception which came to the fore in Egypt had returned. Now the situation was similar with Abimelech king of Gerar. God warned Abimelech in a dream not to take Sarah as his wife. “Now therefore, restore the man’s wife; for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you shall live. But if you do not restore her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours.” (Genesis 20:7) We, like Abraham, are not perfect, yet we too can pray for people that they may live.


Genesis 21 Isaac


Isaac was born as promised, and circumcised. Sarah wanted Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away. God told Abraham, “Whatever Sarah has said to you, listen to her voice; for in Isaac your seed shall be called. Yet I will also make a nation of the son of the bondwoman, because he is your seed.” (Genesis 21:12-13) How does a father feel, sacrificing his son, to war, or to a cross? Abraham faced that test, believing God’s promise that, “In Isaac your seed shall be called, concluding that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead” (Hebrews 11:19). Abraham was spared that suffering. God was not.


Genesis 23-25 Generational Change


Sarah died and Abraham bought property in Hebron to bury her. Then, Genesis 24 contains a beautiful love story, and the moving faithfulness of Abraham’s servant whom he sent to his own people to find Isaac a wife. Rebekah was willing, Isaac loved her and she became his wife. In Genesis 25 after Sarah’s death, Abraham had more children by Keturah and several concubines. He sent them away with gifts and gave his entire inheritance to Isaac. Later Mosaic law would be more equitable. After Abraham died, Isaac and Ishmael buried him beside Sarah and the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael still attend his grave to this day, side-by-side in Hebron.


Abraham was far from perfect but, “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” (Hebrews 11:8) “By faith Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac, and he who had received the promises offered up his only begotten son” (Hebrews 11:17) “‘Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.’ And he was called the friend of God.” (James 2:23)


Nehemiah 11:14 a 128 men of valour and a powerful overseer.




Quarter back breaks the huddle with the whole team and the defense don’t have a clue what’s about to happen. Leave this place today to go fight and we all got each others back. Men you are not alone…


The presence of adversity

does not mean

the absence of God.


Prayer is a way to come up

Scriptures is way up

Fasting is a way up

Council with others in the church

Consult with  family member or friend about the situation

Find some one in a worst situation and get their perspective of what you are dealing with

Write down the adversity

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