Mark 5 & Luke 11 Demons from Within

February 21 2024

Series: Relationships

Book: Luke, Mark

Mark 5 & Luke 11 Demons from Within

Bible Passage: Mark 5, Luke 11

The devil doesn’t show up and make us hang out in the tombs.
That’s to obvious.
Today he shows up in ways to deceive us.
There is an intersection of the Familiar and Foreign � ❌ ⚠
You have to take inventory of what’s in you!
Don’t be afraid of what’s in you!
Deal with you.
Rebuke you!
Get full of God that the demons can’t take over.
God will give you the desires of your heart
Psalms 37:3-4
Whatsoever you bind on earth
Matthew 18:18
Observation #1- Do you want change?
Some people go to great lengths to avoid unwelcome and welcomed
Some people may have physical problems, but there are people who are
paralyzed in heart and mind because they think God has nothing for
them and they have learned to live like that.
We see that in the life of the church.
We see people attend, like church, like the sermon, like the people. They
listen to what is said and one day they are confronted with the fact that
God desires change and they really don’t want change so we don’t see
them anymore.
When Jesus shows up in our lives, He desires change, you have to
decide if you want change in your life and would be willing to do whatever
it takes.
Observation #2- you must quit making excuses.
Victims always see themselves as victims.
Believe the notion that life is fair.
Have trouble forgiving because it is seen as a weakness.
Cannot maintain relationships because they cannot trust.
Change never happens until we stop making excuses and we admit we
have a problem. ( repeat)
It is possible to stop making excuses, break the pattern of complaining,
and discover the power of God in our lives.
Observation #3- decide whether you are ready to act
“Pick up your mat and walk”
Immediately he was healed- notice it did not say that Jesus told him to
wait till the next time the waters are stirred. He did not say I’ll drop you
down. It was not determined by anything except to respond to Jesus.
Listen and ignore
Listen and hope
Listen and respond
We all have these choices.
Some will listen to the words of Jesus and ignore responding.
They will wait till it is more convenient.
A lot of people miss God’s best because there yelling “it’s not my fault”
and God is telling them to stop ignoring Him.
Some listen and put their hopes in the wrong thing.
Deviled Ham
For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. —PROVERBS 23:7
You are the way you think. The mind has always been a favorite target
of the enemy.
If the devil can control your mind, he can control your life.
Spirits that attack the mind include, mind control
, confusion,
mental breakdown,
mind-binding and mind-binding spirits,
evil thinking,
mental pain, and
negative thinking.
They are all what I call “stinking thinking.”
The good news is that you can loose yourself (including your mind)
from all evil influences that operate through your mind.
Mind control is a common spirit that has been identifiable ”
Mind-control spirits can resemble an octopus or squid with tentacles
that grasp and control the mind.
Deliverance from mind control releases a person from mental
pressure, mental pain, confusion, and mental torment.
Mind-control spirits can enter through listening to ungodly music,
reading occult books,
false teaching,
false religions,
drugs, and
Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Powerful!

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