Mark 11 – Not what you expected

February 12 2023

Book: Mark

Bible Passage: Mark 11

Illustration: European bike company shipping them to the US and changed the packaging.




This great event would begin a journey that would end at the cross–but the end was just the beginning. Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem proved His triumph


There are (3) Developments that transpired with Jesus entering Jerusalem.


  1. The Anticipation for the King


Many centuries have passed with nations anticipating a mighty king.


Israel had seen its share of kings:


Saul, David, and Solomon each reigned 40 years in the United Kingdom.


However, after 930B.C. (2)kingdoms formed–the Northern Kingdom:Israel; and the Southern Kingdom: Judah.


Both experienced wicked kings and ungodly leadership which resulted in captivity.


The anticipation for a ’Righteous King’ was in the hearts of every citizen.


Jesus’ arrival prompted their notions to welcome Him as the Messiah–feeling that Jesus would set up the literal kingdom during His ministry.


However, they missed the point.


Jesus said in Luke 19:10: “For the Son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost”


The mission of Jesus was to the nation: The Messiah, Savior had arrived.


There was an ’Anticipation for a King’


  1. The Arrival of the King


Jesus’ arrival represents the greatest arrival for all kings.


The King of kings and Lord of Lords was in the midst of the people that day.


His humility that was present at His birth was too present here.


He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey–stating His humility; authority; and sovereignty.


People laid down their garments; some threw palm branches across the road–all as symbols of appreciation for the king.


Yet Jesus is far more greater than even this—little did they know this King would lay down His life for even those who rejected His arrival


We see the ’Anticipation for the King’ and the ’Arrival of the King


III. The Adoration for the King


Hosanna–describes the very purpose of Jesus–’save now’


This was a song that was prophesied to be announced at the arrival of the Messiah–Psalm 118:25-26


The praises filled the air that day; the cries of rejoicing impressed on the despondent hearts for the King’s arrival


Adoration takes praise to the next level by simply saying, “I love Your ways , O Lord!”


Yet the praises this day would soon end–the praises that came from some lips would change and adopt to the pressures of society.


As many of these voices were present at the sentencing of Jesus and were a part of the cries–“Crucify Him!!Crucify Him!!”


Truly many have missed , many have rejected the Message of the Messiah–He is King of all kings


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