Luke 17 – Resurrection

March 31 2024

Book: Luke

Luke 17  - Resurrection

Bible Passage: Luke 17

52 Days of records of Jesus
How many days have you been on earth?
I8k for me
Jesus 11k
37 miracles
Valley vs mountains
Jesus in the grave
Just because it’s dark in the valley doesn’t mean that light is not coming.
When its dark it obstructs your vision.
Stay behind the headlights
Death, burial, resurrection and ascension
Luke 18:31-34
They misunderstood prophesy
Yo te mal konprann pwofesi
What is in future? Have you prayed and read about your future.
Fortune Tellers
Hid from them by their minds
Li kache pou yo pa lespri yo
What you think about you bring about
MisUnderstand the words
Mal konprann mo yo
Dull hearing
Not listening
Too distant to hear
That Jesus Luke 18:37
Luke 13:14
John 1:44-51
Deuteronomy 8:7-8
1 Kings 4:25
52 Days
37 Miracles
Only 33 years year
What can God do in your life in 52 Days
Jesus said to him, “ receive your sight; your faith has healed you.
Immediately Bartimaeus received his sight and followed Jesus, praising
1. Physical Healing Led To Spiritual Commitment
Gerizon fizik te mennen nan angajman espirityèl
2. Kept Shouting & Led Others To Do Likewise
Kontinye rele byen fò epi mennen lòt moun fè menm jan an
– Lessons From Bartimaeus
1. We Shout When We Recognize A Need
Nou Rele Lè Nou Rekonèt Yon Bezwen
2. Some Needs Only Jesus Christ Can Fill
Gen kèk bezwen sèlman Jezi ka ranpli
3. Keep On Asking, Seeking, Knocking
Kontinye Mande, Chache, Frape
4. Persistence Has A Place In The Life Of Christians
Pèsistans Gen Yon Plas Nan Lavi Kretyen yo
5. Miracles Begin With Obedience
Mirak yo kòmanse ak obeyisans
6. Faith In Christ To Change Lives

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