Love is Missions

September 19 2021

Book: John, Mark, Psalms

Love is Missions
John 12:1-8

1. Our missionary Purpose at Fellowship Church: Love God, love His body, love
reaching out

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1. HLI

Great Commandment
Mark 12:28

Great Commission
(Mark 16:15)

Worship     Fellowship      Warn
Learn         Equip                 Send

Acts 2:42-47
:42 Apostle doctrine (learn)
fellowship (our middle name) to the breaking of bread and to prayer.
43 Everyone
47 how did God add to them: warn/send
2. This morning: missions

John 12:1-3

Interesting that the focal point of this story is again on Mary even though Lazarus (who
had just been raised from the dead!) was there. They were most likely there because of
Lazarus, but when extravagant, unusual, out-of-the-ordinary worship takes place, it
takes over as the focal point.

Evangelism: we are talking this morning about missions both as our corporate assembly
and you individually daily as a lifestyle
Reaching Out that lacks purity and sincerity is merely “extravagant.”

John 12:3 Very costly

1. Missions WILL COST YOU GREATLY (v. 3a)
• from water to (expensive) perfume
• What do you have today that can, in years to come to be valuable, not natural but a “word
of encouragement” a seed. Proverbs 25:11

• (2 Samuel 24:24)

John 12:3b, who was the focal point.
Not Lazarus:2b
Not Simon the leper
It was about Jesus!

2. Missions are ALL ABOUT JESUS (v. 3b)
and she anointed Jesus’ feet with it
• This seems to be obvious, and yet how many times do we make missions and
reaching out about things other than Jesus
• Jesus’ feet

• 3. Missions Are NOT ALWAYS Clean AND easy (v. 3c)
• wiping his feet with her hair.

• First from water to perfume. Now from a towel to hair
• APP.- From giving money and singing a song to rolling up your sleeves
• I Love My City- it’s the people in it. It’s not dirty in here
ILL: riding from Mutare, Zimbabwe to Manica, Mozambique. Two sweaters 5-speed
Toyota truck. Sofa foam Cushing in the back

4. Missions are OFTEN CRITICIZED (v. 4-6)
• Judas criticized money. He was covering up stealing money.
• If someone is criticizing you…
• criticism sometimes reveals what you are covering
• Criticism also reveals what you are not willing to do
• If someone has a critical spirit, they lost the ‘body’ spirit of supporting each other
• When was the last time you did something so big for Jesus that it brought criticism?

7 Jesus replied, “Leave her alone. She did this in preparation for my burial.”
• I know what it seems now, but things are not as they seem
• Declaring things that are not as though they are
Looking down the road. Someone you witness may become a preacher, missionary, a
great father, or mother. You never know the impact that YOU can have on another
person’s life.

That’s the gospel! Getting as many as we can to Jesus Christ. Then let Him placed
them in His order.

Don’t stop witnessing. Don’t stop sending those that will witness!


The house was filled with fragrance.

OT sacrifices would often talk about “a pleasing aroma to the Lord.”

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