Isaiah 64-66 Come on Lord

December 4 2022

Series: Book of Isaiah

Isaiah 64:1-4
700 BC
Nation was divided like civil war times here. North vs South
Beyond the Northern Kingdom was Assyrian rule and they where taking over Israel. King
Sennacherib in his vengeance was after Jerusalem.
Isaiah is praying for protection
He is not wanting to feel God over a cup of coffee at a Bible study at Starbucks
You can feel God there just like you can here at church.
But Isaiah was wanting God to show up and turn things around miraculously
He wanted to see God do it. Notice the theme of the prayer.
3 times he uses the word presence in the first 3 verses
It may bother some people to want miracles.
Matthew said signs and wonders are for the unbelievers/ wicked and alduturous generation
Jesus said these signs will follow them …lay hands on the sick, cast out devils
Looking through the lense of Isaiah we find him praying:
I’m Longing for God’s Presence
I’m Looking for God’s Provision
I’m Leaning on God’s Power
He starts out with Oh
Its a supplication……!!!
Its a pleading and turn up the prayer juice like bugs bunny begging Elmer Fud not to kill him.
What’s your longing like if you had to describe it.
Are you putting God on your schedule…”I’ll meet you God at 11am Sunday unless I have a
game, another appointment, conflict.
I’m Longing for God’s Presence
Moses had it after he saw miracles, Red Sea open. He still prayed for Gods presence/ His
Exodus 33:15
David had this passion when he said my soul thirst for you my flesh longs to see your power
and glory
Psalms 63:1-2
Paul had it when he said that I might know Him and the power of His Ressurection
Philippians 3:10
Isaiah not only show a priority but a problem
You don have to say come near to me if you’re already there.
God is always working
but He is not always apparent
This is why the Old Testament is full of idols.
Illustration of the invisible man.
Old version
Latest version says “what you cant see cant hurt you
The children of Israel plead for Moses to talk to God but God wanted to talk to the people.
He wants to be in your presence.
I’m Looking for God’s Provision
The world became flesh.
God through Jesus came into our world.
Most ancient cultures believed that Gods are unknowable
Plato said, God and man could never meet”
We know that Jesus came
He showed and made Himself known
Isaiah predicted the provision yet he didn’t see Him
Matthew 1:21
The prophesied is fulfilled.
Gods solution to every man’s problem is mad manifest
Phillip asked….show us the father
I’m Leaning on God’s Power
Will there be another level of Isaiah prayer
Revelations 19:4
Jesus said “my kingdom is not of this world”
Mark 13:26
Mark 14:62
Prophets looked for Jesus to come
Jesus talked about it
The Apostles remind us about it
Christians today talk about it.
Many hymns are about the second coming
How great thou art
Battle Hymn of the republic
Joy to the world
I’ll fly away
When the roll is called up yonder
O come o come Emmanual
We shall behold Him
I’m bound for the Kingdom
I’m heaven bound
Charles Wesley wrote 6500 songs
Popular songs
Oh for a 1000 tongues to sing
5000 of his songs was about the second coming

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