Help for the Hopeless! – Legacy Sunday

February 4 2024

Book: Luke

Help for the Hopeless! - Legacy Sunday

Bible Passage: Luke 8: 41-56

Luke 8:40-56
Dear Bro. Brintley, I am a member of your audience and I sit before you
in silent desperation. I am a mother of a good Christian teen-age girl who
just told me that she is pregnant. I am a husband whose marriage is
falling apart and no matter what I do I can’t seem to stop it. I’m a child
who has tried so hard to win the affection of my Dad, but all I hear from
him is how many times I mess up. I’m a senior citizen who sees that my
life is coming to a close and I’m worried and scared…not knowing if my
life has made a difference or if my future is secure. I’m a father of three
kids and the doctor just told me that my wife can’t possibly live more than
a couple of months. I am a widow who sits alone in my home so lonely
yet no one seems to care. I’m by all accounts a successful man who has
gotten everything he has wanted in life, but it hasn’t been enough.
I am blue and depressed and I don’t even know why, but I can’t go on
living like this any longer. I am a parent who raised my kid in the church
but now my child is so far away from the Lord we can’t even discuss it
anymore. I am single and have just invested all I had in a relationship
and the person walked away without ever looking back. I’m a wife whose
husband rarely speaks to me, and I can’t remember the last time he held
me. I feel so lonely and abandoned, even in my own home.
Oh, you can’t see my desperation by looking at me. I’ve learned to hide
my feelings so deeply that sometimes I can even fool myself. The people
who sit on either side of me would be surprised to know that I walk the
floor each night and cry. I can imagine the shocked surprise of those
sitting with me in the pew if I told them that I had considered committing
suicide… Or maybe they wouldn’t be shocked at all, maybe they have
So preacher, when I sit in front of you this Sunday morning, I don’t want
to hear your thoughts on transactional analysis or theological exertations.
I don’t want to hear the latest readers digest joke…and I don’t want you
to share a few thoughts that you gleamed from the night before. I don’t
want to hear about the latest book on pastoral counseling and I don‘t
want to be begged for money for a new church project or for the world’s
hungry. Preacher, I hurt. I feel empty and useless, with no where to go.
My question to you is the same that the king asked God’s prophet
Jeremiah, “ Is there any word from the Lord?”

1. Faith Was Born Out Of Need (vv. 41- 43)
Three things in Jewish daily life could make a person ceremonially
touching the dead,
menstrual bleeding and
Finally, it drove her from her place of worship she had been
excluded from Worship (for over twelve years).

2. Faith Demands A Response (v. 44)
In order for to act her faith had to overcome some obstacles.
She could have allowed those hindrances to become excuses.
The first obstacle that she had to overcome was her physical weakness.
It must have been difficult for her to get up out of bed, let alone fight her
way through a crowd.
The second obstacle that she had to face was her own hopelessness
and despair.
The third obstacle that she had to overcome was the press of the crowd
around Jesus. She had to force her way through a crushing mob but in
such a way that it did not draw attention to herself.
She after all was a woman, she was a woman with a problem that
rendered her unclean. She was a woman with a “female” problem that
she did not care to proclaim before a large crowd.

3. Faith Cannot Remain Anonymous (vv. 45-47)
In verse forty-five Jesus asks, “Who has touched me?”
Is it really possible that Jesus did not know who had touched him?
Of course not! He knew what had happened and who had touched Him.
He asked the question to bring the woman out of hiding.

4. Faith Revealed Is Faith Rewarded (v. 48)
The result was that in verse forty-eight, she is told “Daughter, be of good
cheer; your faith has made you well.
Go in peace.” Jesus was incredibly gentle with this woman.
This is the only woman in the entire Bible that Jesus ever called
“daughter.” Jesus rewarded her confession by telling her, “go in peace”
the literal meaning of this phrase is “go into peace”.
Paul says in his letter to the Romans (5:1) “Therefore being justified by
faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:”

5. Faith Holds On When Reason Says Give Up (vv. 49-56)
Family tree
1. Roots – Grandparents
2. Trunk – parents
3. Fruit – children

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