Healing of the 10 Leper Men

January 23 2022

Series: Book of Matthew

Indicatives vs imperatives
Luke 17:11-19 “Where are the Nine” 1 and 9
Jesus on His way to be crucified and comes to a village
10 men are gathered a far off by there common plight…..they are lepers
Misery can cause men that are divided to come together by a
common problem
Three Pandemics
1. COVID-19
2. Fear
3. Division
Racism can divide and it can bring some together
One of 10 lepers was a Samaritan. The Jews had nothing to do with them
and they had nothing to do with the Jews. Yet these men because of their
common plight were living together
ILL: animals in a danger…Zebra and Ostrich
Zebra have poor eyesight and ostriches have poor
hearing. These two have formed a symbiotic
relationship through communicating and warning
each other of danger.
Common dangers and problems draw men together
Lepers- move away from home, family, outside the city because they did
not know how it was transmitted) quarantine!
:12 cried it from afar
Jesus yells back “go show yourself to the priest :14
steps of a lepers restoration to the community
1. Show yourself to the priest
Let the priest examine him
2. Seven day quarantine
Re-examining by the priest and if no leprosy or rotten flesh then
3. Ritual of being public shown to everyone, family and community
4. Offer sacrifices
5. shave all the. Hair
6. Several ritual baths
7. Pronounce clean and move back home
Leviticus 13-14 Biblical laws of a leper
14:2 leper could not be cleansed on his own nor by medical practice.
Once a leper always a leper.
Look how God in His love and mercy puts some hope in the heart of the
believer in the law.
God always proves what He can do beyond mans abilities
Leprosy rots a person on the outside but sin rots a person on the
Its impossible for you to cleans yourself from sin
Its impossible for you to cleans yourself from the power of darkness
ILL: Rich young ruler (What’s impossible with man is possible with God)
God will restore someone displaced from the family of God back by His
* we often face situations that seem impossible and we have done
everything within our power to overcome the problem and its still there.
We have spent sleepless nights thinking how to deliver ourself from the
mess we finally say “it’s possible” ( then we carry our human limitations
over to God) we think this is even to tough for God
Can’t be done…why dont you pray about it…it cant be done! No way it can
What did God say to Jeremiah “there’s nothing to hard for God” 32:17 and
Lepers: called to Jesus because there was no hope beyond a miracle
ILL: Matthews 8 leper
I am willing and touched him and he was cleansed…go show yourself to
the priest
God works in many different ways…
He is not confined to my way
Or your way is inferior or put God in a box
Build a channel that only God can work through
ILL: starting a denomination
He touched me vs. He touched me not
God can work in a variety ways and I should never confine Him to “my
way” be open
Luke 17:14 one comes back…would you think anyone would do that
How often do we take the benefits from God for granted and we never
even thank God
ILL: Breathing air through our lungs
involuntary muscles vs. voluntary muscles
voluntary muscles are attached to the spine and controlled by
the brain
involuntary are not attached to the spine and not
controlled by the brain
heart, lungs, digestive
The things that are very important God controls and the rest of them that
dont really matter He has left in your control.
Luke 17:17 where are the nine?
ILL: Avoiding bad wrecks
Why do we blame God for goes wrong in our lives but not thank Him for a
beautiful day?
(Nine mindset)
Psalms 107:8, :15, :20 sent His word, :21, :31
Romans 1:18-21 not thankful
Don’t ask for help from God and when it comes via natural things we
assume we did it.
*Luke 17:19 physical healing vs spiritual healing (rotting flesh rotting
soul) WHOLE
ILL: Sober sinner
Its better to have no blights (wrinkles) but if you have to have one have it in
the flesh and not your soul!
Be made whole!
Do you want to be made whole?…Are you with the 1 or with the 9?

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