Getting Ahead

February 13 2022

Series: Book of Matthew

We are in Nazareth

Jesus was not born there, but he grew up there.

It’s hard to go back home when you have been born again.

Matthew 13:53

Luke 4:18 vs. Isaiah 61:1-2, COMMA
1st advent…after the comma is the 2nd advent
The 2000 year Comma

:55 Carpenters son? This is more than a cabinet maker. More than a hired remodeler
“the carpenters” Joseph was most likely a stone worker or more like an architectural

:57 familiarity breeds contempt

~offended in Him because of who He said He was

:58 Jesus responds to belief and faith (mark 6:5)
Unbelief is
also powerful

Matthew 14:1 Herod Antipas son of Herod the Great by his 4th wife
“Safer to be his pig than his son” He lived in Tiberius, I was there and stayed on the sea f
Galilee. It was very gentile, and we don’t have a record of Jesus visiting Tiberius but round
about it.

Matthew, in his thematically writing, gives a background.
: sorry
Being Sorry is not Repentance
Remorseful is not Repentance

You can be sorry that you got caught not because of doing the crime

2 Corinthians 7:10

Matthew 14:11 what other woman is so ruthless?

:14 moved with compassion like Mathew 9…from the guts
we would say my heart! grieved my heart is our metaphor
they called it butterflies if I asked some of you to come up here and quote your
favorite verse

Jesus was moved
with compassion
-intense emotion

Feeding of 5000 – all four gospels covered this miracles
Two philosophies * everyone had lunch * the stash

Overestimating the problem
and underestimating God

1. Blessed
2. Broke
3. Gave

Pray over what you have.
Divide what you have:
A. Pray for Your need
B. Pray for What you don’t need (this is the biggest mistake), but i need it all
C. Pray who to give it to and give it

God will use simple things
to do great things.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Don’t limit the little self that God cant use you.
How dare you limit God based on your ability.
You belong to God….get little you in the hands of a great God.

Matthew14:20 filled…God knows how to make the provision go a long way.

God takes care of your needs, not your greed.

David in Psalms 36: I was old, but now I am old, and I have never seen the righteous forsaken

Matthew 14:22

Syrian African Rift Valley
Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, and the Dead Sea are all below sea level.

Matthew 14:24

1. From what you see
2. From being alone
3. From no control

Matthew 14:25 Jesus shows up at the fourth watch

Night divided into 4 watches:

• 6pm to 9pm
• 9pm to 12am
• 12am to 3am
• 3am to 6am

The disciples had been out there for about 8 hours

Have you ever asked “ why Lord so long”

God has his eye on you and the storm.

Jesus did not walk on the water to show off but He came to them on what they feared the

He knows what He is doing!!
God knew about the storm.

When you learn that God knows about the storm even before you go through it will
revolutionize your perspective.

:29 Peter walked on water!
Peter’s mistakes
A. You will not die…get behind me Satan
B. You cut off the ear of Malcus
C. I will go with you…You denied him once, You denied him twice, you denied him three times
D. You sank!

Trials don’t last forever
Matthew 13:53 and it came to pass
Sea of Galilee has 3 names also Sea of Tiberius and Lake o Gennesaret
What a contrast from His hometown to the people of Gennesaret
(Matthew 9:20 her fame probably went out)
You are a perfect candidate to meet Jesus just like the people of Gennesaret

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