April 10 2022

Series: Book of Matthew

Book: Matthew

Bible Passage: Matthew 25

The wedding Matthew 25:1
Jewish Marriage 2000 Years Ago Had 3 Levels
1. Engagement
2. Betrovel
3. Wedding
Today you 1. Get engaged. 2. Wedding 3. Honeymoon
1. Learn that love was a commitment not a feeling.
2. Up to a year. No contact. Only broken by death or divorce. (Virgin Widow)
3. Included the entire community. Week feast. They would parade through at night with
Foolish – moron, dumb, idiot, ignorant
Wise – someone who gets it mentally and access the matter properly,
Plan ahead because they don’t know when the groom is coming.
Matthew 25:2-
10 number of judgement
10 men before starting a synagogue
10 men to have a Passover feast
1. Be Righteous
2. Be Ready
3. Be Responsible
The Unprepared for the:
1. Mountain
2. Message
3. Mission
Illustration: the concerned for the unsaved
Lonnies sister…getting saved but not baptised
Church “members” (yet He never knew them)
Matthew 25:12
Grooms role today after the wedding: Wedding

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