Fight to rest

May 29 2022

Fight to Rest
Have you ever been on a trip and see a sign that says rest area ahead. The rest area brings a
sigh of relief for a tired person.
Rest stop is not a place to quite. To live. To never leave. But it is a pause on the journey to
bring relief and to bring on a revitalized posture.
Duet. 12: 8-10 Gods rest establishes His inheritance.
1. Destiny in time
2. Eternal reward
Both are tied to finishing your journey.
The greatest faith is to know that God is at work while I rest!
I have a question for you: When is the last time you took a day off?
That one should be pretty easy, of course there are some of you out there who are analyzing
the question. And, of course, the question to be asked is: what do I mean by
So let me ask the question more directly: When is the last time you took a
day off -> TO REST?
There is a huge difference between simply taking a day off, and taking a day to rest.
No doubt you have taken many days off
• Go to the ball game
• Anniversary
• Work in the yard
• Family business
• Take kids to doctor
• Perhaps you were sick
o That really doesn’t count as a day off to rest
? That’s a day off to recover health!
? And if you did not take that day off the consequences could be high!

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