Fight for your family with your Words

Maturity in the Bible is when your decisions are made based on Gods view and not a
When your child grows up you can measure their maturity by their decisions.
Speaking the truth in love
There’s a difference in court between a witness and a testimony. Witness is based on what you
seen and experienced. Testimony is based on truth.
Revelation 12:11
ILL: professional wrestling – pre determined winner
Luke 11:11-13
A good father would not give his kid a snake or a scorpion
What is a snake or a scorpion?
Luke 10:19
So snakes and scorpions represent the power of the enemy.
It is demons after you, devils after you or demon inspired people after you
Those are snakes and scorpions. Sometimes we say there ways is like a snake in the grass
It’s a negative scenario.
God says He will give us authority over those situations
But that authority. Comes by mean of the Holy Spirit, how do I get it. Just ask Him
Do you mean that it is that easy. YES. You have not because you say not.
It is easier than you think.
If you dont have the Holy Spirit we will pray with you.
Now if you have it why not put it to work?
With it God says He responds upon request.
Car ILL: you have a car, tires, engine. All that power under the hood. Now if you want to
experience going from 0 to 60 in the matter of seconds you have to turn the key.
Tuning the key and all that power working for you. This is Nothing deep just turn the key
an look at all that is at your disposal….transportation.
So when you need something just ask, say, use your key that is backed by the Holy Spirit
God is saying I will give you authority because the Holy Spirit has authority and you have the
Isaiah 50:4
The Lord is saying when you wake up. Get. Ready to. Use. Your. Tongue/words
He is saying “my request is that you speak though my spirit by your lips with my ideas in your
mind and audiblize them as needed to impact my environment
He starts his day off by invoking the Holy Spirit to – use – his – tongue!
The Bible calls this concept to be filled with the Holy Spirit
Be filled with the Holy Spirit …Ephesians 5:18
Ephesians 5:18-19
Not drunk with wine but the same effects as being drunk. No longer under your own power. No
longer speaking the words of your mind but now a tongue of the spirit.
Noû,,t drunk with wine, jack daniels, rum, or vodka but by the Holy Spirit. Now the spirit will
make you do things that are opposite of the carnal mind. This is not something out of order but
under the Holy Spirit inspiration.
THERE is only one way to get drunk. I have never been drunk. But the path to be drunk
is to drink and drink and drink until you are drunk.
Be not drunk with wine.
We know when you are drunk because you are acting outside of your normal ways.
We know when you are drunk because you are talking outside of your normal tongue
You are doing this because something else has taken over, something else has control of your
tongue. This language is not even your own. And nor do you understand it in your mind.
Then you find your self saying things about people that you would have never said.
: that person cut you off and you don’t curse them out, that person lie on you and you dont lie
Do i just want to vent or do i want to accomplish His will with my words?
Our. Request should be for God to govern our tongue, Lord of your lips, Holy Spirit of my
mouth. He said He will meet you in the need in that hour.
Don’t just give God your heart but also your. Tongue.
Every preacher does this when he preaches. They are open to saying what He says.
Sometimes you can’t say it with your lips cause when God reveals things for you to say are
foolish to others hearing.
Matthew:5:20 righteousness exceeds or surpass
Isaiah 1: come reason
Ephesians 5:27 blemish
Christ bride, not Paul’s, not pastor, not mine
Phil. 2:13 Let God work in you -:16 have not ran in vain
Phil. 3:14-15;
:18 tears in my eyes
Phil. 4:11 mindset of perfection and peace. (James 1:4
perfect…overcomer wanting nothing)
Phil 4:12-14 communicate, is more than a good talk but a
Isaiah 6:
Isaiah 6:1-7
Bad year because the king had died
When I saw God:
1. I saw my mouth was dirty
2. I saw everyone else’s mouth dirty
you can be around dirt so long you dont know its
dirty…church, restaurants, house
laughing at dirty jokes, dirty movies, dirty
We are unclean because we are around unclean.
Younger kids are cussing….what was college is now high
school, middle, elementary
Television and social media promote unclean lips and
words you would have never thought
You will not know it until you see GOD!
Isaiah said “I did not know how bad I was until I saw the
Lord…” this is not just profanity, but putting people down,
gossiping, lying, saying things to get your
way,…everybody is doing!
This is the preacher that could not control his lips.
It had gotten so bad.
When you spend all week complaining about what you
don’t have when you do have what you do need. That is
not the best use of your tongue.
You spend all week complaining and hardly a minute
giving thanks.
Remember the poem about the man that said he complained about having no shoes until he
saw the man that had no feet.
MOnk: bed hard….Food bad….I quit….you have been complaining since you been here.
When you dont allow God to help you with your words you drive a wedge between you and
your destiny.
The reason your situation has not changed is because your words are not His words. He has
had no place to work because your mouth is always running. He cannot get a word in
Because when God talks, worlds appear, darkness flees, miracles happen, lives are changed!
peace comes where confusion abounds.
We do to Him what we don’t want our kids to do to us…that is talk while we are talking.
our speech can be so loud that we never hear His voice.
Isaiah 6:6 confession and things changed
Some of us need to put our mouths on the alter!
What is your mouths saying:
1. Filthy
2. Complaining
3. Conflicting
4. Fighting
5. Unthankful
Have you said you were going to do better but never changed.
Is anyone here that their mouth is worse than when they got saved…have you slipped?
:6 took the hot coals and put them on his lips to burn away the evil talks
:8 its important to get your mouth right so God could use you.
Your tongue can block you from divine guidance. From showing you what to do next.
God stands back and says you want to talk so much, you know so much, well then you guide
you and see where you end up!
If you want the God of heaven to guide you then you have to turn your mouth over to Him.

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