A Glimpse of Glory

February 23 2022

Series: Book of Matthew

Book: 2 Peter, Matthew

Bible Passage: Matthew 17, 2 Peter 1

Peter is rebuked for swing the black dot.
I think Peter was expecting Jesus to respond like He did on the first question.
Sometimes we open our mouths to quick.
Just because you think it doesn’t mean you need to say it.
Study to be quiet.
Hold your tongue or cut your throat
Proverbs 17:27-28
Ecclesiast 3:7
James 1:19
Peter was not Satan but Jesus had heard that voice before In Matthew 4
Satan has a voice, sound, spirit. You’ve all heard it before and you know that was the devil.
Matthew 16:
Jesus presents 2 approaches to life:
Deny Self/Live for Self
Take up Cross/Ignore the Cross
Yes to God no to self. It doesn’t mean you forget about life but you include your life into Gods
plans for you.
Matthew 17
Movie trailer.
Mt. Hermon vs Mt. Tabor
Transfiguration- metamorphosis (changed completely)
Rev. (Lamb is the light of the city)
Both Moses and Elijah had experiences on a mountain
Both had interesting deaths
Jude 6 (body of Moses)
Feast of tabernacles
2 Peter 1 gives his own account

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